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Invite friends to get

10% commission

Every recharge made by friends in the future can be withdrawn

Rules: The commission obtained can be transferred to the balance for use, or can be withdrawn (at least 10% of the withdrawal needs to be retained)

Available Commission Records

Friend recharge amount * 5% = Commission available

Transfer to balance Get the commission can be transferred to the account balance after 24 hours.

Withdraw The amount of each cash withdrawal is at least > $100, and at least 10% of the deposit is kept for each cash withdrawal.

*The refund will not be included in the recharge amount, and the corresponding commission will be deducted.

  • Invitation Record
  • Friend Recharge record
  • Exchange Amount
NO. Invitation time Invide people Amount
No data to show
NO. User ID User email User recharge time User recharge amount Commission Status
No data to show
NO. Amount of money Use Time Status
No data to show

Withdrawal Application

*User ID

*User Email

*Paypal account