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Tips for avoiding being banned from Amazon operations!

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As the world's largest comprehensive e-commerce platform, Amazon is undoubtedly a very important platform in the cross-border e-commerce industry.

As a seller, when operating on the Amazon platform, you often encounter some related problems; for example, multiple account associations are blocked.

As Amazon covers the global market, its review rules have always been very strict. So many sellers want to avoid bans. Let’s share with you how to avoid being banned in Amazon’s cross-border e-commerce operations.

一、 Why is Amazon’s operation banned?

As one of the world's largest e-commerce platforms, Amazon's sales model is strictly regulated and managed, so Amazon sellers need to strictly abide by platform regulations. One of the important regulations is that Amazon only allows sellers to open one store under one account, and the same store can only have one seller account. If a seller has multiple stores or accounts and uses the same address, they will be monitored by the system as linked accounts, which will result in the closure of the store, account closure, and ban.

二、How to avoid being banned from Amazon operations?

1. IP address isolation: Using different IP addresses to log in to different Amazon accounts and avoiding multiple accounts under the same IP address can effectively avoid being attacked by other users or malicious attackers, thereby improving the security of your Amazon account. In addition, using an independent IP can also avoid being mistaken by Amazon officials as a malicious attack, thereby avoiding account bans.

2. Browser isolation: Use different browsers or incognito browsing mode to avoid logging in to multiple accounts in the same browser environment.

3. Account information isolation: Ensure that the account information, address, phone number, email, etc. of each Amazon account are independent and avoid using the same account information.

4. Product isolation: The products sold by each Amazon account should be sufficiently differentiated and independent to avoid selling the same or similar products.

5. Collection isolation: Each Amazon account should use an independent collection account or bank card to collect payments, to avoid multiple accounts using the same collection account or bank card.

三、What are the advantages of using independent static IP for cross-border operations?

1. Account security: Using an independent static IP can prevent the account from being mistaken by others as multiple accounts under the same address. This helps increase the security of your Amazon account.

2. Avoid Amazon ban: If you use multiple Amazon accounts under the same IP address, Amazon may identify it as violating its regulations and be banned. Using an independent static IP can avoid this situation.

3. Operational efficiency: If you use an independent static IP, you can operate in different Amazon markets more easily, thereby managing your store more efficiently.

4. Avoid being monitored by competitors: If your competitors know your real IP address, they may monitor your store and try to seize your business. Using an independent static IP can avoid being monitored by competitors.

5. SEO ranking: If you use different IP addresses to operate in different markets, your products may be more easily discovered by search engines, thus improving your SEO ranking.

From the above, we can see that using independent static IP can bring great help to cross-border business. You can choose the appropriate static IP to purchase based on your own operating conditions and business needs; 360Proxy is a professional residential proxy that provides real residential properties. Static IP and other services; and get a 99% proxy IP connection success rate, so that your real IP is always hidden; and the minimum is only 0.17$/DAY/IP.

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