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Tools to protect Telegram privacy – 360Proxy

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The basic principle and working method of 360Proxy

360Proxy, as a tool affecting the Telegram messaging application service, is dedicated to improving the security and privacy protection level of user data with its unique working method and efficient principle. Its core principle is to establish an intermediary proxy server to act as a bridge between users and Telegram servers, to skillfully handle user requests and deliver responses, and at the same time, to skillfully hide the real IP address of users, which greatly prevents potential network surveillance and attacks.

360Proxy's measures to protect users' privacy

In terms of user data security, 360Proxy adopts a series of multi-layer encryption measures, including Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Telegram's own MTProto protocol, to ensure that users' sensitive information is properly protected. Furthermore, to prevent potential abuse, 360Proxy explicitly states that it does not store sensitive user information, such as message content and recipient information, on the server side. In addition, the "Secret Chat" feature it provides uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that only the sender and receiver have the right to view the message content.

Application of 360Proxy in Internet Censorship Environment

In some countries and regions, Telegram may be blocked due to network censorship. At this time, 360Proxy service becomes a powerful assistant for users to bypass censorship. By flexibly changing the routing of data traffic, 360Proxy successfully hides the user's network activities, thus skillfully avoiding the censorship block.

Advantages and Potential Risks of 360Proxy

With its excellent performance, 360Proxy service brings many advantages, including comprehensive user privacy protection, significant enhancement of data security, and the ability to successfully bypass network censorship. However, in order to ensure information security, it is important to choose a reputable 360Proxy service to avoid potential information leakage risks.

The importance of user privacy protection

User privacy protection is not only a key aspect of personal information security, but also a cornerstone of social fairness and democracy. 360Proxy service plays an indispensable role in this regard, providing a powerful tool that allows users to enjoy convenient communication services while protecting their privacy more firmly.


By providing a secure, encrypted communication channel, 360Proxy creates a strong safeguard for user privacy. Despite the potential risks associated with its use, 360Proxy's superiority in safeguarding user privacy, enhancing data security, and circumventing Internet censorship is undeniable. Therefore, an in-depth understanding of how the 360Proxy service works is a crucial step in protecting online privacy.


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