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What is an IP Proxy Server?

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An IP Proxy Server is an intermediate server responsible for transferring data between a client and an application server. From the application server's point of view, the IP Proxy Server is the client. When the client wants to connect to the application server, it must first connect to the IP proxy server.

If the proxy IP is not available, it may be caused by the following reasons: Unstable network connection. If the network connection to the proxy IP is unstable, it may cause the link to drop out or slow down.The IP address is blocked. If the proxy IP address is blocked, it is not available. Server configuration problem. If there is a problem with the proxy IP's server configuration, it may cause the service to become unstable.

If the proxy IP fails, the client will not be able to connect to the proxy server. This makes web pages inaccessible and causes a lot of inconvenience. The solution to this problem is to use a valid Proxy IP. When choosing a Proxy IP, you should pay attention to its quality and select a Proxy IP provider that can provide stable and fast network connection, professional customer service support, and full-featured Proxy IP. Only in this way can you ensure the efficiency and convenience of the usage process.

High-quality proxy IP usually requires authorization to use. Mainstream authorization methods include IP whitelisting and account password authorization. Binding IP Whitelist Authorization. If your terminal IP is not fixed, it may cause the authorization of IP whitelist binding to fail. In this case, after setting proxy IP, the login window of "Username and Password" will pop up, but you still can't access the webpage after inputting username and password.

When the proxy IP is invalid or just failed, the client cannot connect to the proxy server and cannot access the web page. The solution to this problem is to use a practical proxy IP, usually a good proxy IP requires authorization to use. Usually, a good proxy IP requires authorization to use. The mainstream authorization methods are IP whitelisting and account password authorization.

In this case, after setting up the proxy IP, the "Username and Password" login window will pop up. If you still can't access the webpage after inputting the username and password, it may be due to authorization failure. We recommend you to change the proxy IP or contact the proxy IP provider to solve the problem.

If you change your password, you must re-enter the correct password in order to use the proxy IP; sometimes, proxy IP service providers change their passwords periodically, so you must log in to the client frequently to see if the new password has been released. In conclusion, there are many possible reasons for authorization failure.

We also need to consider the speed, stability and security of the proxy IP. If we choose a proxy IP that is slow, unstable or insecure, our business will be affected. Therefore, when choosing a proxy IP, we have to weigh the price/performance ratio and service quality according to the actual situation.

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