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Why can't crawlers use free proxy IPs?

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Reptile technology is a standardized web technology that automatically collects and organizes information. Crawler technology can be more efficient, effective and intelligent. However, you must obtain enough free proxy IP addresses to use crawler technology. Purchasing a free proxy IP address may cost you a certain amount of money, so please consider using a free proxy IP address, but the quality of free proxy IP addresses may not be high enough, so you need to choose carefully.

There are many free proxy IPs on the Internet; how do you collect them? For crawlers, this is great. They can use robots to collect these free proxy IPs from multiple websites.

However, using these free proxy IPs for crawling will bring some problems. First of all, since these free proxy IPs are free, their availability and reliability are not guaranteed.

In addition, using free proxy IPs for crawling also poses security risks. Since the origin of these free proxy IPs is unknown, there may be malicious free proxy IPs that may steal the crawler's data or attack the crawler.

Therefore, although free proxy IPs may be relatively easy to obtain, their availability and reliability cannot be guaranteed, and using them for crawling also poses a security risk. 360Proxy is the best alternative to 911S5.

360Proxy is a proxy service company that offers a wide range of proxy services, including HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS, so that you can benefit from it whether you are an individual or an enterprise user. In addition, 360Proxy provides a rich selection of proxy zones so that users can choose according to their needs to get the best proxy service.


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