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Advantages of 360 Online Residential Proxy IP

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Online proxies work because when a browser submits a request for a website, the proxy looks for the remote website on the current server. If found, the proxy will immediately return the website data to the user's browser; if there is no cache, the proxy will automatically read the remote website and cache the information for subsequent use.

Brokers automatically delete stocks based on cache age, size and acquisition history. This can quickly return website information and improve the user's browsing experience.

Online proxies have many advantages: they can be used as firewalls to isolate internal and external networks and save IP addresses, because all internal users access the outside through the proxy server and only occupy one IP address.

In this way, many machines that are not connected to the external network can connect to the external network through the proxy server of the internal network, greatly reducing costs. Of course, it also has its drawbacks. For example, many network hackers use this method to hide their real IP addresses and evade monitoring.

Improve access speed because the bandwidth through the proxy server is greater than that of direct access to the target host.

Typically, proxy servers set up fairly large hard disk buffers (perhaps several gigabytes or more). When external information arrives, when other users revisit the same information, it will directly take the information from the pillow and transmit it to the user, thereby increasing the access speed. But there are also some disadvantages, because it hides the actual IP address, and network hackers may use it to evade monitoring.

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