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IP proxy anti-interception is a good helper for crawlers

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This article will tell you how IP proxy anti-interception is a good helper for crawlers. When using proxy IPs, we can use some techniques to improve the success rate of crawlers: use a random proxy IP pool. Using different proxy IPs to access the target website can reduce the risk of being discovered by the website.

Adopt frequency conversion control. Avoid visiting the same website too frequently; you can pause when fetching data so that the target website thinks this is a typical browser visit.

Use user proxy masquerading. Websites often analyze the browser information used by visitors, so we can use disguised user agent information to visit.

In this case, the problem can be solved by changing the proxy IP. You can also use some anti-crawler technologies, such as using browser header information, delayed crawling, verification codes, etc. to circumvent anti-crawler strategies. In addition, you can also use some anti-crawler software or services to help you effectively avoid anti-crawler methods while collecting data.

When you use crawler and proxy IP, you need to abide by local laws and regulations, and must not violate laws, regulations and website terms of service. During use, if website access restrictions occur, the crawler cannot attack the website, nor can it use the proxy IP for malicious access. Crawlers and proxy IPs can be used as practical data collection tools, but they must be used within a legal and reasonable scope.

In addition, when using proxy IP crawling, you should also pay attention to comply with local laws and regulations and not violate rules and regulations. At the same time, you should protect the security of your account and not disclose account information to any untrustworthy third party.

Finally, 360 Proxy provides a variety of proxy IPs with high efficiency. Welcome to experience and use.

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