360proxy 教程 博客 Which residential proxy is right for your business?

Which residential proxy is right for your business?

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What is an ISP proxy? These are static residential proxies that are purchased or leased from an Internet Service Provider (ISP). These IPs are hosted by servers located in data centers but are identified by the target site as real users. Because requests are routed through the data center, there are fewer "hops" in the request process, which means data collection jobs can be completed faster than the industry average. ISP proxies, on the other hand, are able to handle fewer concurrent requests and can handle target sites with easily adjustable blocking mechanisms and site architecture complexity.

What is a residential agent? Residential proxy IPs, on the other hand, consist of a global network of real peers that choose to join the network in exchange for some kind of compensation (e.g., free premium membership to an app). Because residential data requests are routed through real devices, data retrieval times may be slower. But on the positive side, they are almost never blocked even when trying to crawl highly complex open source websites. Depending on the GEO, device, or operating system (OS) selected by the user, the information retrieved is almost always accurate.

This self-evident fact stems from the fact that data requests are routed through real local user devices (for example, a London school teacher who chooses to use a home computer). Additionally, the sheer size of the network (as a function of peers (or network participants)) means that one can send an almost unlimited number of concurrent requests.

Which agency network is best for your business? Companies choose to purchase proxy IP based on its suitability for their specific needs and use cases. Here are some examples of how other businesses are currently leveraging these networks. Use this as a guide to make the best decisions for your team:

Common ISP Proxy Use Cases : Company #1: Fintech Insights This business uses a network of ISP proxies in order to appear on target site radars as real users from different geographical locations. Their goal is to collect open source data from the competitive landscape, including “rate” and “pricing” information from other money transfer apps. This enables them to create smarter competitive market analysis and insights and deliver strategic plans based on real-time industry trends.

Company #2: E-Commerce Account Management and Advertising Many companies in the digital commerce space utilize ISP proxies to: Run social media advertising campaigns for their online retail websites. Manage supplier accounts located in different geographies, operate multi-login for e-commerce supplier accounts for businesses with employees and point-of-sale (PoS) spanning two or more countries.

Common Residential Agency Use Cases: Company #1: Advertising Link Verification. The company is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based business in the advertising network space. They utilize residential proxies to test their clients’ advertising links, ensuring that the links appear to end users as intended by the campaign manager.

Company #2: SEO/eCommerce. The client is an Amazon seller, using residential IP to fully enter the market, conduct market research on the prices, rankings and reviews of various products, and check what buyers search for products, which keywords are used, etc.. In order to create product catalogs and item lists optimization.

Company #3: Medical Industry/Retail Backend. This is a prescription intelligence platform dedicated to helping consumers and pharmacists. They need/leverage residential IPs for open source web scraping to gather competitive healthcare pricing intelligence.

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