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How to conduct data-driven influencer marketing: photo wall and TikTok

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Data-driven influencer marketing is becoming a new and powerful marketing method. Many advertising agencies and brands have found that it is an excellent way to evaluate the potential of influencer marketing through data and find the best partners.

Challenge: Many companies looking to obtain data on social platforms may find that Photo Wall and TikTok are the most difficult sites to obtain data from. Last year, Photo Wall introduced new bot recognition technology, blocking almost all scraping methods and changes to its API, limiting the information provided to third parties. TikTok, for its part, is notoriously difficult to crawl for its data. Therefore, more and more companies are choosing to use real user IPs (residential IPs) through global proxy networks to help them bypass these obstacles.

Click to use data collection for influencer marketing: discover new influencers. Often the real challenge with influencer marketing is identifying new influencers in order to work with them on a regular basis. In a specific market field, there may be only a few "super internet celebrities", but there are thousands of "micro-influencers". The key to the difference lies in the number of fans of the internet celebrity. It is obvious that small influencers can often cooperate at lower prices while maintaining a closer relationship with fans. These influencers become potential marketing targets, and many companies are scouring social media platforms to collect data about potential influencers. These data may include: number of followers, average number of likes per post, traffic levels, number of views, Interaction participation, themes (shoes, men's clothing, cosmetics), after collecting this data and conducting a comprehensive evaluation, you can select strategic partners to achieve your goals.

Pay attention to popular trends: Another effective way of influencer marketing is to use data collection to track and obtain popular trends. Let's say you own a fashion company or clothing manufacturing company. Collecting trends in sunglasses, hats, scarves, and other accessories is a must. This will not only help you identify which projects to invest your valuable designer, production time, and resources in, but also help you target the right influencers to collaborate with. For example, if there is an upward trend in earmuffs this winter, you can search the photo wall to find an influencer who is about winter fashion or fashion accessories, and cooperate with them to vigorously promote your new products.

Summary: Data-driven can focus on the following points in influencer marketing: discover new influencers and target influencers who can cooperate with each other in specified industries. Finally, 360Proxy is an excellent residential proxy provider and you are welcome to experience it.

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