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Can 360Proxy IP be Used on Telegram?

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Telegram as the world famous social software, in the current society is still popular. Companies can use Telegram to dig business opportunities, many people wonder if there are free proxies can be used to develop business on Telegram.

This article will briefly explore the possibility of using free proxies on Telegram.

Is there a free Telegram proxy that can be used?

There are several websites and services on the Internet that offer free Telegram proxy IP. Set up SSR and other benefits are generally to achieve these free proxy IP. These service providers through the user request forward to the offshore server, and the IP address of the offshore server back to the user, so as to achieve the purpose of accessing Telegram over the wall. However, free services often carry certain risks, such as potential data breaches, security issues and so on. Therefore, users use formal and secure proxy IP services.

Why is 360Proxy recommended?

360Proxy is a company that provides Socks5 proxy IP services. This standard proxy approach establishes a TCP connection between the client and the server and forwards the client's request to the server. Compared with other Proxy methods, Socks5 Proxy IP has many advantages, such as fast speed and high security. As a result, Socks5 Proxy IP is widely used, including on Telegram.

Users only need to set up a proxy in Telegram. To do this, open the Telegram Settings page, enter the "Connection type" option, select "Use Proxy", and then enter the Socks5 proxy IP and port number provided by 360Proxy.

How to choose a typical Telegram proxy IP service?

For users who need to use Telegram proxy IP, it is essential to choose the right service. The following are some aspects of choosing a proxy IP service.

Security: Since the proxy IP service must forward user requests to an offshore server, security is critical. Users must choose reputable service providers to avoid disclosure of personal information and privacy.

Speed and stability: The speed and stability of proxy IP services are also factors for users to consider. If the proxy IP service speed is too slow, users may not be able to access Telegram smoothly, affecting the user experience. In addition, the stability of the proxy IP service is also essential to avoid proxy IP service problems and not be able to connect to Telegram normally.

Price: The price of the proxy IP service is also a factor for users to consider. Users must choose services that are reasonably priced and avoid being tempted by services that are too cheap, as these services often have safety and quality problems.

Geographic location: Users need to select a service that is geographically appropriate. Assume that the Telegram server you need to access is located in Europe. In this case, you should choose a European proxy IP service, which can reduce latency and connection times and improve your experience.

To sum up, these factors should be taken into account when choosing the right Telegram proxy IP service. The residential proxy provided by 360Proxy is fully in line with the situation mentioned above.

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