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What is a residential proxy?

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In today's digital era, privacy and security issues in the cyberspace have attracted much attention. For many users who need to conduct data collection, advertising verification, market research and other activities on the Internet, residential proxies have become a powerful tool. But what is a residential proxy? Why choose 360Proxy? This article will unveil the mystery of residential proxy for you and recommend to you an industry-leading residential proxy service provider - 360Proxy.

A residential proxy, as the name suggests, is an intermediary that uses a residential IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for Internet access. Compared with IP addresses provided by data centers, residential IPs are more authentic and invisible, and can better simulate the online behavior of real users, thereby reducing the risk of being detected and banned. Residential proxy allows users to choose a specific location (country, city or mobile operator) as the access source, which increases the privacy and anonymity of online activities, while reducing the verification code and interception rate, providing users with more freedom and A safer online environment.

As a leading residential proxy service provider, 360Proxy has won wide recognition in the industry in terms of functionality and user experience. Its residential agency services have the following outstanding advantages:

Covering 190+ countries around the world: 360Proxy’s residential proxy service covers the world, so no matter where you are, you can easily find an IP address that meets your needs.

Providing real residential IP: 360Proxy carefully selects compliant partners in the industry based on strict standards to provide users with real residential IP from legal sources to ensure the legality and security of online activities.

99.9% uptime: As a professional service provider, 360Proxy is committed to providing stable and reliable services to ensure unimpeded access to the protected network.

Multiple ways to obtain a proxy: 360Proxy provides a variety of ways to obtain a proxy, including name and password authentication, Socks5 proxy software, etc., ensuring that users can easily and quickly access proxy services to achieve personalized needs.

As an important tool to protect personal privacy and ensure network security, residential agents have broad application prospects in the current digital era. Choosing a trustworthy residential agency service provider is the key to ensuring the smooth progress of the online cheese activities. As an industry-leading residential agency service provider, 360Proxy not only provides stable and reliable agency services, but is also committed to providing users with a better service experience. Choose 360Proxy to make your online activities smoother and safer!


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