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How to use username:password?

This article will guide you through using a residential proxy with username:password authentication, where you can see the various configurations applied to the proxy via the proxy string. Let's get started!

Step 1 Select proxy location

First, let’s look at this part of the picture below. You can choose a random proxy location, or you can search and select a precise country. Click View Country Code on the right to retrieve the corresponding country code.

Step 2 Select host, port and session type

Here, you can choose a hostname port in Singapore, the United States, or Europe.

In the session type, you can choose [Sticky IP] and [Rotating IP].

When you select sticky IP, you can set the usage time of the IP, ranging from 1 to 120 minutes.

When you select a Rotating IP, an IP will be randomly switched every time the website is requested. After the IP time is used up, the IP will be randomly switched.

Step 3 Test whether the proxy connection is normal

After editing your username and password, you can paste the cURL (a cross-platform tool) example into the command line or terminal to quickly test your proxy settings.

Step 4 Generate proxy list

Here you can select the format and quantity of proxies. The quantity range is 1-10000. Click Generate to output the proxy list. You can copy it directly into any application or tool, or generate a .txt or .csv file that can be imported into other tools.


1. host

2. ports

3. username

4. countries, cities

5. Sticky IP usage setting time (if you choose a Rotating IP, this part will not be included)

6. password

The above is the entire introduction to the username and password verification methods. If you still have questions or want to seek help, please contact us via official email. We will do our best to solve your problem! Email: [email protected]

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