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First, enter our personal center and select [Residential Proxies]. We can see that the  dashboard consists of two parts: Proxy Setup and Statistics. In the [Proxy Setup] section, you can choose how to use username:password or whitelist.

proxy settings

As shown below:

① In this section you can view your traffic balance, and you can choose to switch between GB and MB units.

② In this section, you can set the remaining traffic reminder. First set the threshold, such as 2GB, then enable the button. When your available traffic falls below a set threshold, we'll send you an email notification.

③ Here you can view tutorials on username:password, whitelist and creating sub-users.

④ Click here to use username:password.

⑤ Click here to use the whitelist.

⑥ Click here to create a sub-user.



As shown below:

In this section you can view traffic usage records and download records.


The above is the entire introduction to the dashboard. If you still have questions or want to seek help, please contact us via official email. We will do our best to solve your problem! Email: [email protected]

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