User Guide

How does Long-term Residential work?

1. Click the proxy list. In the proxy list, you can filter the countries of the target IP addresses.



2. Click the Usage list. You can view the used IP addresses.



You can use long-term proxies through fixed port forwarding Settings and program proxy Settings.


1. Fixed port forwarding Settings.

Click Client Settings to configure the number of ports to extract in general Settings. If the initial port value is 10000, 30 ports need to be extracted in a batch, and the end port value is set to 10029. The port value ranges from 1025 to 65535.



Select an proxy from the list, right-click the proxy, and select a port to forward to the proxy from the drop-down list. The decompression succeeds.


Click Port Forwarding List to view detailed proxy parameters. Click the "Copy" button to copy the local IP address and port in one click. To release the port, click the Release button.



2. Program proxy Settings.

Click program proxy to enter the program proxy page.


Add the application's EXE file to the list of proxies you want to use by dragging or clicking the plus sign.



After adding the EXE file, click the Go PtoxyList button to go to the proxy list page and select the IP address of the target region.



Filter the IP address list of the target region by country/state/city. Right-click the IP address and select Program Proxy Connect. If the green box is displayed, IP extraction is successful.



Here you can see the IP you just connected to and click where the arrow points to copy the proxy IP.


To ensure that the IP proxy is successful, you can turn on Ads Power to see if your line is successfully connected.

Select the Socks5 proxy type and paste the program proxy IP values you just copied.


If you want to stop using the proxy, click the Stop Program proxy button. If you want to clear the cache, click the Clear Browser Info button.


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