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How to use Program Proxy ?

Step1:Open the 360 Proxy software and click to enter the Program Proxy interface.


Step2:Drag the EXE file of the application to the list, and click "Go ProxyList" to return to the IP list interface.


Step3:In the list of Residential Proxies, you can enter the country, state, city, postal code, and ISP you want to filter in the search bar, or you can choose your own IP segment and click "Search" to obtain the IP list information you want. Select any proxy IP you want, right-click and select 'Program Proxy Connect 'from the drop-down list.

Step4:After the program proxy connection is successful, the IP details you have selected will be displayed in the "Program Proxy Info".

Step5:Clicking "Program Proxy" will automatically copy.

Step6:①Click the 'Stop Program Proxy' button to end the program proxy operation.

              ②Click 'Clear Browser Info' to delete IP data from historical operations.


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