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How to log in with Dolphn{anty} and set proxy ?

Dolphn{anty} Official website:

Step 1. First, you need to register an account on the 360Proxy official website (, then download the client and log in.

Step 2. Open the client and select ProxyList on the interface. Filter the country/state/city, click "Search" to get the IP list of the target area.

You can also directly search for the zip code of the target city or the target IP segment for a quick search.

Step 3On the ProxyList interface, right-click to set the local port.

Step 4. Click PortForwardList to copy the local IP and port.

Step 5. Open the Dolphn{anty} software, click CREATE PROFILE, enter New Profile, and select proxy settings.

Step 6. Enter the IP address and port, click the proxy detection button, the detection proxy has been successfully connected, and it can be used.

Step 7. Finally, Enter 360Proxy in the name field.Then click CREATE to create the browser and you are done.

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