Delivery Agreement


Normally, after the consumer pays successfully, the purchased traffic /IP will automatically arrive in the corresponding account. If the traffic /IP balance cannot be credited within 24 hours, consumers can contact the online customer service on the official website to solve the problem (consumers need to provide registered email address/user ID, order number, TXID and other information).


If consumers use Bitcoin to pay, they need to wait for the transaction to get a confirmation from the Bitcoin network, and the traffic /IP balance will not reach the user's account balance until the payment is confirmed. (The confirmation time depends on the Bitcoin network and theminer fee paid by the user.)


Contact us:


360Proxy official email: [email protected]


When the traffic /IP has not arrived after payment, please contact our staff as soon as possible, and we will solve the problem for you in time. This Delivery Agreement will remain in effect until superseded by a new Delivery Agreement. When you use the products we provide, you signify that you abide by the current agreement.


The Delivery Agreement was last updated on December 14, 2023.