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Brand Protection

Running a brand is not easy. You can choose 360Proxy to help you enter places affected by the ban. Not only can you find and delete a large number of online counterfeit products and shoddy reputations, you can also promote your brand on online platforms in any country around the world, improving the success rate of brand operations.

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How can 360Proxy improve your brand operations?

Obtain intelligence and countersurveillance

Using 360Proxy to proxy IPs in different regions for brand monitoring helps anonymously understand competitors' market activities and strategies and provide more comprehensive competitive intelligence. At the same time, the real IP address of the brand manager can be hidden, improving anonymity and reducing the risk of the brand being tracked on the Internet.

Reduce the risk of cyber attacks

Regularly change proxy IPs to increase defense complexity and reduce the possibility of being tracked by network attacks. 360Proxy can proxy to required regional IPs as an additional line of defense, mitigating brand service interruption and damage caused by cyber attacks.

Brand reputation maintenance

Control the release of brand information through 360Proxy to reduce the negative impact of false propaganda and false information on brand reputation. When a brand crisis occurs, 360Proxy is used to proxy the IP in the required region to respond quickly and minimize the damage to the brand image caused by the crisis.

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