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Social Media

Businesses can use social media to promote events, brand advertising, grow their business, and learn about your customers' needs in real time, but many social media sites often include geographical bans. 360Proxy can help you easily bypass these rules to achieve your goals.

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How can 360Proxy help you manage social media?

Manage multiple accounts

Most social media retrieve users' IP addresses, so if too many accounts are created on the same IP address, the accounts will be banned. 360Proxy creates accounts through different proxies, and the scattered use of multiple IP addresses can reduce the risk of account bans caused by frequent logins or activities.

Break through information limitations

Some social media platforms restrict content based on region. Through 360Proxy, you can break through information restrictions and choose IP addresses in different geographical locations to help companies place social media ads more accurately and improve advertising effectiveness.

Market research feedback

Through 360Proxy, we provide proxy IPs in different regions to carry out business and activities on social media. We can observe users’ behavior on social media, understand their needs and preferences, guide the upgrade of products and services, optimize operational strategies and content, and arouse customer interest.

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