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Travel Price Comparison

In order to get data on flights, hotels or air tickets, you will have to go to various social media and competing websites. Bans are a big problem holding you back. Now, using 360Proxy you can enter any platform to obtain the data you want with complete anonymity.

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How can 360Proxy help you compare travel prices?

Monitor travel prices and activity

With Residential proxy IP, you can comprehensively monitor and analyze travel and hotel competitor prices and market activity, providing a unique product advantage for your price comparison service. Monitor competitors' price changes and promotions in real time to help you adjust your price strategy in a timely manner to stay competitive.

Track customer search keywords

Using residential proxy IP, you can track your customers’ search keywords, gain insights into real users’ experiences, and provide unique product advantages for travel price comparison services. By simulating user search behavior in different geographical locations, you can fully grasp user needs and trends and accurately predict market trends.

Predict travel hotspots through social media

By using a residential proxy IP, you can easily access social media, predict travel hotspots, and are not affected by regional bans. The flexibility and anonymity of a residential proxy IP allows you to freely browse social media platforms around the world and capture timely information on travel trends and popular destinations.

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