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360proxy 教程 博客 Socks5/HTTP proxy recommended ! — 360Proxy

Socks5/HTTP proxy recommended ! — 360Proxy

# Comparisons



After 911S5 announced its permanent cessation of operation, a large number of users did not know where to go, and normal business was affected.

Actually now in the market in addition to 911S5 there are many reliable proxy service providers, but the current market situation is very chaotic, good and bad proxy IP service providers emerge in endlessly, users are difficult to make a judgment. So next, I will introduce a high-quality substitute of 911S5 - 360Proxy for you by comparing the product situation.

IP pool size
Although 911S5 does not specify the number of IP resources, it is roughly millions of residential IP addresses per day. The main server is located in the United States. 360Proxy provides up to 80 million residential IP addresses per day, all of which are pure IP addresses. It can meet the various needs of users.

IP quality
911S5 has been commercialized for many years, many IP reuse quality is average, and the proxy speed of 911S5 fluctuates greatly under the influence of countries and regions, which has a certain impact on user experience. 360Proxy can reach 99% connection rate, which is in the forefront of the industry, with higher IP quality and more stable server, which is not easily affected by network fluctuations.

Crawler service
911S5 does not provide a way to integrate the proxy IP into the application program. If users want to carry out crawler operation through 911S5 proxy, they need to manually switch IP through the client constantly, and the crawler efficiency is very limited. And 360Proxy provides API access and account secret access, and provides a variety of programming language demo to help users integrate proxys into crawler programs. Through "fool" services, users can easily climb data and improve crawler crawl efficiency.

Customer service
The customer service communication of 911S5 needs to be in English, and there is a certain time difference, so it is not convenient for many users to communicate. 360Proxy provides professional customer service, with experienced customer service and technical research and development team to bring all-weather multi-directional business scenario support to users.

Through all kinds of comparison, we believe that users will find that 360Proxy is more than adequate as a substitute for 911S5. At present, 360Proxy is still launching a special offer for new users. New users can try it out for $4!

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