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  • Which locations are available in 360 Residential Proxies?

    360Proxy resources cover more than 190 countries around the world. Learn more here.

    Download the 360Proxy software and log in. You can search for and view it.

  • What are the benefits of your service?

    ◦ We offer 100% residential proxies with rich geo-targeting.

    ◦ Flexible country/region/city/ISP-level targeting.

    ◦ 80+ million IP pool.

    ◦ Personal approach - we can create a custom package for you.

  • How does 360Proxy billing work?

    360proxy charges the account according to the number of proxy IPs purchased. The account has as many balances as the proxy IPs purchased. Use one proxy IP to consume one balance, and the unused balance will not expire in the account.

  • How do I buy 360proxy?

    It mostly depends on your use case.

    ◦ ISP Proxy online time usually ranges from a few hours and supports rotating sticky sessions.

    ◦ static residential online for a long time, suitable for users requiring stable IP.

    Determine the type of proxy you want and select the right package to order.

  • How long are plans valid?

    Each plan uses one proxy IP to consume one balance, and the unused balance remains in the account forever.

  • Which forms of payment do you accept?

    We support Credit Card, Alipay, virtual currency, and virtual currency-self recharge.

  • Can I buy proxies with a credit card?

    Yes, you can buy proxies with a credit card. Simply complete the registration process and choose credit card as your payment method.

  • Will I receive an invoice?

    Yes. Iinvoice can be viewed and downloaded from the Personal Center -My account-Order Record on the official website. The invoice will give you details of what you spent.

  • Can I change the type of proxy (ISP / Static) after subscribing?

    Subscribing to an ISP or static plan means your balance changes.

    If you are not already using it and need to change your plan, please reach out to our support team.

  • How does payment verification work?

    360Proxy maintains high compliance standards based on the principles of deterrence and prevention of malicious activities through enforcement, ensuring the ethical use of our network and its safety.

  • Why do I use virtual currency - the account does not arrive immediately after self-recharge?

    After a successful payment with the virtual currency - self-service top-up, the "TXid", also known as the "Hash" or "transaction number", will appear on the receipt in your private wallet. Fill in your TXid for exchange. If the account does not arrive after 30 minutes, please contact 360Proxy's team.

  • Do you offer payment refund?

    We do not refund any paid service. Please note that all payments are final. If you think the proxy or software is not working properly, we are always available to help you resolve the problem.

  • How long will it take to receive the proxy balance after payment?

    If you paid using a payment method other than bitcoin, you should receive it immediately after payment. If you are paying with Bitcoin, you will need to wait until the transaction is confirmed by the Bitcoin network, how long it takes to get confirmation depends on the Bitcoin network and the miner's fee you pay.

  • Can I test your proxies?

    Yes! We provide $1 trial (25 IPS).

    Please take a look at the following article to learn more.

  • Why was my account blocked due to a billing issue? And how do I reverify my account?

    An account is blocked due to billing issues for one of the following reasons:

    ◦ A discrepancy between payment method and personal details

    ◦ The exchange status of TAXID paid through virtual currency is abnormal

    ◦ Too many attempts to process a declined payment

    ◦ Account anomalies caused by other actions

    You can reverify your account to clear a billing issue.

    If your account was blocked, you can contact your dedicated account manager or 360Proxy’s team at support@360proxy.com.

  • What types of IPs do you offer?

    360Proxy has two types of IP networks: ISP Proxy, Static Residential

    ISP Proxy: Used to access and target the most sophisticated websites, these rotating residential IPs allow you to fully emulate a real user. 

    Static Residential: With real residential IPs provided directly through ISPs, these IPs are most suitable for use cases that require permanent, non-rotating IPs, or for whoever needs a small amount of residential IPs.

  • Which proxy type should I choose - ISP or Static?

    It mostly depends on your use case.

    ◦ ISP Proxy online time usually ranges from a few hours and supports rotating sticky sessions.

    ◦ static residential online for a long time, suitable for users requiring stable IP.

  • What's the difference between ISP and Static?

    Both are residential agents. The difference is:

    ISP proxy can target to city, support postcode and ISP filtering. Is the most cost-effective residential proxy type.

    Static residential contains resources from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Taiwan, and does not support filtering cities. The remaining balance is not consumed during the IP validity period.

  • Can I choose a specific proxy location?

    Sure! Buying ISP proxy package offers access to the entire IP pool,

    You may choose any of them.

  • Do you have an affiliate/referral program?

    Yes! Feel free to find more information about our referral system here.

  • What software are the proxies compatible with?

    360Proxy IP pool is compatible with any software, however, the success depends on the quality of the soft. The recommendation is to use any anti detect soft or self-written bots provided the bot has a browser fingerprint replacement.

  • Which proxies do you offer, IPv4 or IPv6?

    We offer both, but most of them are IPv4.

  • How to use 360 proxy?

    360proxy needs to download and use the software. The current version supports window system(Win7 and later versions)and perfect free software. It does not need to use whitelist/account password to extract proxy.

    See the user guide for more information.

  • Why is my IP different on various IP checkers?

    Each IP checker uses a different IP database while checking your IP. That's why you may get different results on other websites. You may read more about IP database differences right here.

  • Are your proxies anonymous?

    We recommend using anti-detection software with fingerprint substitution features to ensure full anonymity.

    Not using anti-detection with fingerprint substitution may lead to getting your account blocked.

  • What is a residential proxy used for?

    In theory, you can use a residential proxy for anything a regular proxy can do. The undetectable nature of residential proxies makes them ideal for streaming media, online shopping, and data scraping on websites that block normal proxy use.

  • Why was your software detected by anti-virus software? Is it safe?

    Our proxy is 100% secure, it is just a false positive detection for antivirus software, as the software has the ability to change the Userproxy, screen resolution and Referer, etc. Just close the antivirus software or manually add our software to the antivirus software whitelist.

  • Can I buy proxies from specific countries/regions?

    We offer a global range of proxies, you can screen you want the country or region of the proxy to use.

  • How often does the IP rotate?

    We offer several flexible types of rotation. The minimum rotation interval is 1 hour.

    Read this article for a more detailed description of how IP rotation works.

  • How many IPs will be available within the plan?

    No matter what plan you choose, you will get access to the entire IP pool:80 mln IPs (Residential)

  • How can I change the password of my account?

    You can change it in your Profile. Look at this article to learn more.

  • Do you have any restrictions on the use of your proxies?

    Yes. You can find more information about restrictions in our Terms of service.

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