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Fingerprint browser IP proxy selection and purchase

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How to choose the IP address of fingerprint browser is the core problem for every user who uses fingerprint browser at present, because most fingerprint browsers do not come with their own proxy IP, which requires the IP address of fingerprint browser purchased by a third party. Therefore, find a proxy that replaces 911s5 and perfectly matches the IP address of fingerprint browser. At present, fingerprint browser can only solve the login environment anti-association problem, can not solve the proxy IP problem.

Previously, the 911s5 proxy was the most widely used proxy IP client for fingerprint browsers. However, after 911s5 was announced to stop the service, I found another client software similar to 911S5 proxy: 360proxy, which inherited the advantages of 911s5 proxy. It is simple and easy to use, does not receive bandwidth and regional restrictions, and perfectly meets the IP requirements of fingerprint browser. At the same time, 360proxy well avoids the shortcomings of 911s5 proxy, such as Chinese interface, long-term static IP and Alipay recharge.

When is 360proxy used for fingerprint browser IP?

Proxy IP is well known to fingerprint browser IP users. The application of proxy IP is more and more common in our work and life. When do I need a fingerprint browser IP?
1. Hiding real IP access to websites: The Internet age has brought us convenience, but also brought great risks to our privacy. Proxy IP is a good option when you don't want to use your real IP to access a website. Break the regional limits of regional websites: Some local forums restrict the ownership of Internet IP. If you want to log in or travel on business, you can only do so through the fingerprint browser IP.
2. IP limit caused by frequent visits to websites: due to work needs or other reasons, when we frequently visit a website, we are likely to be restricted by the website IP, because it triggers the protection mechanism of the website, using 260proxy can easily solve the problem of IP selection of fingerprint browser.
3. Timeout or failure to access a website: When you visit a site, you cannot access it or the display timeout may indicate that the site is faulty and you need to wait for the site to recover; Another possibility is that a node between your personal network and your site's host network has failed, so using
360proxy can easily resolve the fingerprint browser IP problem.

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