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Twitter Proxy: Best Proxy Provider of 2023

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In today's digital social era, Twitter, as one of the most popular social platforms in the world, has become an important place for individuals, businesses and institutions to carry out information dissemination, brand promotion and social interaction. However, as Twitter monitors user behavior and upgrades its banning mechanism, the use of proxies has become a key strategy to ensure account stability and reduce risks. This article will delve into the necessity of a Twitter proxy, the criteria for choosing the best proxy provider, and recommendations for the best proxy providers in 2023.

Why you need to use a Twitter proxy?

Account stability: The proxy can provide a stable IP address to avoid the risk of abnormal operation of the Twitter account or even being banned due to frequent IP changes.

Geographical location simulation: Through proxies, users can simulate operations in different geographical locations, increasing the authenticity of account operations and reducing the probability of being detected.

Privacy protection: Proxies can effectively protect users' privacy and avoid information leakage and privacy risks caused by tracking activities on Twitter.

Criteria for choosing the best provider for Twitter proxy

IP stability: Choose an proxy service provider that provides stable IP addresses to ensure that the account will not encounter frequent IP changes during use.

Global IP coverage: proxy service providers should have global IP resources to meet the needs of users operating in different geographical locations.

Privacy protection: An excellent proxy provider should have strict privacy policies and protection mechanisms to ensure that users' personal information is effectively protected.

Speed and performance: Choose a service provider that provides high-speed, low-latency proxies to ensure quick response to operations on Twitter and improve user experience.

Customer support: An excellent proxy service provider should provide high-quality customer support to solve the problems and troubles users encounter during use.

Recommendation of the best Twitter proxy provider in 2023

Currently, only a few providers offer optimization services for Twitter. This means that these proxies are whitelisted and are not subject to any restrictions or blocking imposed by Twitter. We’ll get to that later, but for now we provide you with a comparison of Twitter proxy service providers to help you choose the ideal solution for your specific needs and budget considerations.

1. 360Proxy

  • Prices start from $4/month
  • Bandwidth: 1GB

Why it's top choice: Pay-as-you-go flexible plans and third-party tool integrations?

main feature:

  • Rich resource pool: 360Proxy has an 80 million+ IP resource pool, covering more than 190 countries around the world, providing users with a wealth of IP choices.
  • Precise positioning: Users can accurately locate specific locations at the city level to ensure the accuracy of proxy use.
  • Flexible operation: Supports account authentication and proxy server use, making operation more flexible.
  • Privacy protection: 360Proxy adopts strict privacy policy and encryption technology to ensure that users’ personal information is safely protected.
  • Scalable plans: Provides scalable plans to meet different usage needs, catering to individual users and enterprises.
  • Pricing options: Choose from prepaid plans starting at $0.7 per GB.
  • Multiple proxy types: 360Proxy provides residential proxies, socks5 proxies and static residential proxies, meeting various needs through native residential IP and more than 6,000 servers around the world.
  • Excellent Trustpilot Rating: With a 4.5 rating from Trustpilot and an Excellent badge, 360Proxy is highly rated by users for its fast setup, reliable service, and excellent support.

2. Oxylabs

  • Prices start from $300/month
  • Bandwidth: 12GB

Why preferred: Reliability at scale, suitable for heavy use?

main feature:

  • Super large proxy oool: Oxylabs has an extensive proxy pool of more than 100 million IP addresses, ensuring users' reliable and diverse choices.
  • Global coverage: Oxylabs has global coverage, allowing users to transcend geographical restrictions, making it ideal for managing multiple Twitter accounts from anywhere in the world.
  • Consistently high success rate: With a 99.95% success rate, users can rely on Oxylabs for consistent and reliable proxy service.
  • Easy to integrate: The service provides direct integration of residential proxys, simplifying the process for users.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Oxylabs provides intuitive dashboards that enable users to control data easily and effectively.
  • Privacy and Security: Oxylabs prioritizes privacy and security, providing powerful controls for an added layer of protection.
  • Unlimited concurrent proxy sessions: Users can enjoy unlimited concurrent proxy sessions to ensure optimal performance.

3. BrightData

  • Prices start from $500/month
  • Bandwidth: 62GB

Why First Choice: Real-time Monitoring and Support?

main feature:

  • Extensive residential IP pool: Bright Data has over 72 million IPs. These include residential proxies from real peers, real home IPs, shared data center IPs and 3G/4G mobile IPs.
  • Flexible pricing options: Customers can choose from pay-as-you-go pricing starting at $15 per GB, prepaid plans including Entry ($500), Premium ($1,000), Premium+ ($2,000) and custom pricing for Enterprise plan.
  • Global reach: With IPs from 195 countries, Bright Data provides global coverage, ensuring users can access the platform from almost anywhere in the world, with network coverage as high as 99.99%.
  • Multiple proxy types: Bright Data provides multiple proxy types, including residential, ISP, data center and mobile proxies.  Hello
  • Trustpilot Reputation: This provider has a strong reputation, with Trustpilot receiving an average score of 4.7 stars based on customer reviews.
  • Notable Features: Bright Data provides access to multiple proxy types, data collection APIs, web scraping tools, and pre-collected datasets. The provider is known for its sophisticated proxy management infrastructure, technological prowess, and reliable residential proxys. However, it operates under a strict usage policy.
  • Most suitable for enterprises: Bright Data is very suitable for enterprises and users with large-scale proxy needs. It excels in terms of technical capabilities, offering fast residential proxies and an extensive IP pool. However, due to its high price and strict usage policy, it may not be suitable for everyone.
  • Browser extensions and APIs: Bright Data provides browser extensions and APIs to facilitate seamless integration with other applications and systems.

4. IPRoyal

  • Prices start at $245/month
  • Bandwidth: 50GB

Why First Choice: Secure Elite Proxy?

main feature:

  • Multiple proxy types: IPRoyal offers a range of proxy types, including residential, data center, mobile, and sneaker proxies, catering to various online needs and objectives.
  • Customization options: Users can fine-tune the proxy by selecting precise locations with city-level accuracy, configuring rotation settings, choosing between HTTP/S and SOCKS 5 protocols, and more.
  • Global IP Pool: IPRoyal has more than 8 million proxys worldwide, ensuring adequate coverage for individuals and large-scale commercial projects.
  • Excellent Customer Support: IPRoyal offers round-the-clock customer support, with knowledgeable experts ready to assist and guide users to maximize the benefits of the proxy.

Instructions for using Twitter proxy

Choose a suitable proxy type: Given the characteristics of Twitter, static residential proxies are more suitable for stable Twitter operations and ensure IP persistence.

Reasonable replacement of IP: Regularly change the proxy IP to prevent the account from being detected for abnormal operations and improve the security of the account.

Simulate real user behavior: Avoid too frequent operations, simulate real user behavior, and reduce the probability of being detected by Twitter.

Reasonable use of proxies: Follow Twitter’s usage rules when using proxies, and do not perform illegal operations to avoid account bans.


By choosing the best Twitter proxy provider and using the proxy appropriately, users can achieve more flexible and secure operations on Twitter. As the best Twitter proxy provider in 2023, 360Proxy provides users with the world's leading proxy solutions with its powerful IP resources and excellent service quality, helping users achieve greater success on Twitter.


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