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360proxy 教程 博客 What features does 360proxy have to meet fingerprint browser IP requirements?

What features does 360proxy have to meet fingerprint browser IP requirements?

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360proxy offers more flexibility and security than other types of proxies. Another advantage of the Socks5 proxy is that you can use it for any type of traffic (TCP or UDP). You can selectively hide specific portions of traffic (based on the application) from TCP-based connections (such as HTTP proxies, E-mail, SSH, or FTP) and, in some cases, even UDP-based connections.

Here are some notable features of 360proxy:
1. Fast: Some agents delete part of the header to avoid being identified by requests. Other high-level proxies may also change headers to use other underlying protocols (such as FTP). The advantage of SOCKS5 agents is that they do not override the data packet headers. It's faster and less error-prone.
2. Unrestricted protocol and traffic: The SOCKS5 proxy has no restrictions, unlike the HTTP proxy which can only use HTTP and HTTPS. It can handle any traffic and handle any program or protocol.
3. The IP addresses of fingerprint browsers are strictly met.
Application scenarios of 360proxy:
360proxy uses international operators' own pure residential IP, high performance, high anonymity server, stable and no restrictions of pure and exclusive long-term, suitable for any kind of business scenarios to access the network data anywhere in the world, efficient expansion of your business in the fingerprint browser IP.
360proxy is a proxy that perfectly matches and is compatible with the IP addresses of fingerprint browsers. After all, fingerprint browsers can only solve 30% of the anti-association reasons, while the selected IP addresses of fingerprint browsers account for 70% of the anti-association effects.
In fact, there are many fingerprint browser IP proxies on the market, but it takes a lot of time to find and test the IP proxy that can perfectly match the fingerprint browser and is safe and convenient like 360proxy. After the test is passed, you can choose to buy the 911s5 proxy to replace it.

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