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360proxy 教程 博客 How to choose a good residential IP?

How to choose a good residential IP?

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Why do we need residential ip? Which scenarios are needed?
1. Enterprise big data scenario, more efficient
In the big data business, a large number of ip (crawler ip) is needed. If it is the ip of the computer room, it is easier to identify the target site and be easily restricted. In any case, if it is the residential ip, the collection of normal Internet users is simulated, then the restriction will be reduced and the collection efficiency will be higher.
2. More convenient for marketing and promoting business scenarios
Today's information release platform, most of the ip home display, if the enterprise in the daily product marketing promotion, the use of the computer residential ip, then the effect of advertising is greatly discounted, on the contrary, if it is residential ip, the credibility of the product will be higher
The above is a list of several common residential ip usage scenarios, after understanding the above, we will know that the priority is to choose this kind of ip, then, how should we choose a reliable residential ip service provider?
1. Enterprise qualification
Perfect enterprise qualification and enterprise operation time are the basic conditions for choosing the socks5/http proxy ip
2. ip resource pool
Check whether the ip resources provided by the brand is a first hand, high quality proxy IP is the basis to ensure efficient work, if the use of free proxy IP or other poor proxy IP, then the efficiency will be very low.

3. Perfect product package, price and customer service system
The diversified performance of products shows the understanding degree of merchants for the industry, and the price system of products can know whether it meets the industry standards. Then, from pre-sale consultation to after-sales service, we can see whether there is a perfect docking process and system
360Proxy, as a global residential proxy service provider, has reached tens of millions of levels in the distribution of ip region and ip node resources, which can fully satisfy the majority of users.

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