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360proxy 教程 博客 What is static IP?What does static IP do?

What is static IP?What does static IP do?

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A static IP is a fixed IP address assigned to a computer connected to the Internet, so it does not get a different IP each time it connects. The address consists of four parts, each of which can contain a 3-digit number (up to 255), and is provided by the Internet service provider.
IP addresses act as unique identifiers for devices connected to the Internet. We can compare it with our residential address. Computers use IP addresses to look up and talk to each other on the Internet, just as people use their phone numbers to call wechat and talk to each other. It can also provide information such as IP addresses, hosted service providers, and geolocation data.
For example, when a user wants to access 360proxy, the computer queries the DNS (Domain name System), which works like a phone book. The DNS server uses network protocols to map the domain name of the site to the desired IP address. This way, instead of typing in an IP address for a long time, we can access the site we want using only the domain name. In other words, the DNS server works like a phone book, preventing us from entering the 4-part IP address here.
What does static IP do?
Static IP addresses are not used as a standard. Therefore, to use static IP, you must apply for and purchase this service separately from your Internet service provider. So why should you pay extra for this service if you use static IP? What does static IP do?
For example, an enterprise must use static IP for many services, such as VoIP, remote server control, employee access to the operating system from home, access to internal data storage servers. If static IP addresses are not set for these services, employees must learn each IP address change. However, since static IP has no variable value, this hassle is eliminated.
In short, any service or function that requires a stable connection must have a static IP address. While it may seem seamless to the end user, any previously connected user is disconnected when the IP address changes, and then must wait to find a new address and reconnect. Therefore, services that require consistent connectivity, such as file system services or online games, use static IP addresses.
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