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360proxy 教程 博客 How to use a stable and efficient proxy IP?

How to use a stable and efficient proxy IP?

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Proxy IP is an intermediate server responsible for transferring data between the client and the application server. It plays a key role as a bridge between the client and the application server. When a client requests to connect to an application server, it first needs to connect to the proxy IP server.

If the proxy IP is unstable or unavailable, it may be caused by the following reasons:

Unstable network connection: An unstable network connection to the proxy IP may cause the connection to be interrupted or slowed down.

Blocked IP address: If the proxy IP address is blocked, it cannot be used normally.

Server Configuration Problems: Proxy IP's server configuration problems may cause unstable service.

When the proxy IP is invalid, the client can not connect to the proxy server, which will lead to web pages can not be accessed, causing much inconvenience to users. The solution to this problem is to use a high-quality proxy IP. When choosing a proxy IP, you should focus on its quality and select a proxy IP provider that offers stable and fast network connections, professional customer service support, and a full range of features. Only in this way can you ensure the efficiency and convenience of the usage process.

High-quality proxy IP usually requires authorization to use. There are two main types of authorization: IP whitelisting and password authorization.

Binding IP Whitelist Authorization: If your terminal IP is not fixed, it may lead to the failure of binding IP whitelist authority. In this case, the login window of "Username and Password" may pop up after you set up the proxy IP, but you still can't access the webpage after inputting the username and password.

When using a proxy IP, be sure to choose a stable and efficient service provider, and select the authorization method that suits you according to the actual situation to ensure a smooth Internet access experience. Finally, 360 Proxy provides stable and efficient proxy service, which is worth trying.

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