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Best Residential Proxies

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Which is the best residential proxies to choose? How to choose the best residential proxy? This article will answer these questions for you. And when we face free proxy IPs on the market, should we use them? With these questions, let us enter today’s blog article.

In today's market, many users choose free proxy IPs, which are shared network addresses used by different customers around the world to access websites. Repeat visits will be blocked. Therefore, free agents on the Internet are only suitable for beginners to practice. Are you looking for some free proxy IPs online, but the availability is too low and the operation is particularly troublesome? But if you look at the paid proxy IP, the cost is too high and it is not very user-friendly for us novices.

Before making a choice, it is important to learn and understand the options available. Simply put, the more nodes with proxy IPs, the larger the pool of unique and non-duplicated proxy IPs, and therefore the larger the pool of available IPs. In this way, the address reuse rate is lower and the success rate of accessing the website is higher.

Let’s learn about common proxies and open proxies. The difference between the two is that the open proxy has been screened and provides a large number of API access interfaces in the IP pool. However, due to its nature, the quality of open proxies is still poor. The main reason for their popularity is their low cost.

So how to become a good proxy IP? The first is that you need to have a dedicated IP and the validity period is sufficient. And can automatically switch API usage. High-quality proxy IP is exclusive to one person; purchase your own server to create an IP pool specifically. For example, 360Proxy IP can support batch API usage, with massive IP resources distributed in 220+ countries and regions around the world, with outstanding performance.

It can be seen that we must keep our eyes open in the proxy market and not be deceived by free proxies, because the risk of free agents is very high. The residential proxy provided by 360 has a very novice-friendly plan. 99% of users will choose this $4/month trial plan. If your business needs to use a residential agent, you might as well try this package. Currently, you can enjoy it by registering 70% discount on the official website, everyone is welcome to try it.


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