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360proxy 教程 博客 What information can the 360 ​​crawler proxies obtain?

What information can the 360 ​​crawler proxies obtain?

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This article will introduce to you what information 360 Residential Proxies can obtain when used in crawler business. Through this article, you will understand the role and function of 360 Residential Proxies in the data collection application scenario. Let’s dive into today’s blog post!

In today's business environment, extensive data collection is critical to help us understand market trends and adjust accordingly. Through data analysis, we can understand customer behavior and preferences and better provide them with the products and services they need. In addition, data collection helps us understand how our competitors are performing, allowing us to better compete with them.

In the Internet industry, big data collection technology can help companies understand users' behavioral habits and make corresponding product recommendations and targeted advertising. This method can effectively increase users' purchasing intentions and help companies improve sales performance. In addition, enterprises can better understand market trends through big data analysis and make corresponding adjustments to respond to market changes.

When collecting product data, it's crucial to be efficient. This means using efficient technology for ingestion and maintaining internal team alignment to achieve data analysis needs and goals faster.

Data should be able to meet the needs of analysis, and data with different attributes and types should be customized flexibly and quickly to meet different analysis goals. For example, through tracking, you can obtain the details, price, type, product ID and other information of the product that the user is querying, so as to understand the products that the user has viewed, the type of products that attract the most attention, and the number of times the product has been queried.

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