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Residential IP proxy Selection Guide

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1. Coverage area
When choosing a residential proxy, the first thing to look at is the area covered by the proxy. Many sites have certain restrictions on the area where the IP address is located. Users must pay attention to the selection of residential proxys that can cover the site area of their business.
2. Proxy speed
The bandwidth of the residential proxy will affect the speed of the proxy when the user uses the residential proxy. In order not to affect the efficiency of the user, it is best to choose the proxy IP service provider that provides unlimited bandwidth.
3. Rotate IP addresses
When a user accesses the same site server multiple times using a proxy IP, it is easy to trigger site countermeasures, so it is best to select a residential proxy that supports IP rotation.
Through the test, I think the best residential IP proxy is 360proxy, coverage is wide, fast, high purity.
360proxy can fully meet all of the above requirements. While ensuring its IP quality, 360Proxy provides users with the lowest price in the market. It covers more than 190 countries around the world. With more than 80 million IP resources, IP connection efficiency reaches 99%, IP purity up to 99%+, it is the agent software that users can use completely at ease.


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