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What can you do about an Instagram IP ban?

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If you accidentally trigger Instagram’s automatic spam detection, you’ll get the infamous “Action Blocked” pop-up. If this message is sent as a notification, please notify Instagram by pressing the "Tell Us" option and ask them to double-check it. If you don't receive a notification, go to Settings > Help > Report a problem.

Changing your IP address can help bypass an Instagram IP ban, but it's not a foolproof solution. Keep in mind that Instagram has multiple ways to detect suspicious activity, so this may only be a temporary solution. And if you violate Instagram’s terms of service, getting a new IP address won’t help you regain access to your banned account. It’s best to consult Instagram’s support team to find out why you’re blocked and try to fix it.

In addition to enhancing your online anonymity, residential proxies have much more to offer, and you don’t want to miss out on all the good stuff. Agency services are also a real gem for:

Access geo-restricted content. Since you can swap between more than 195 IP locations, you can easily access content only available in certain regions.

Social media monitoring is another popular use case where residential proxies come in handy. You can reach different audiences, run social media campaigns, gain location-specific insights, and manage multiple Instagram accounts without risking a ban.

Instagram scraping using residential proxies has a success rate of 99.47% because these websites treat your IP address as if it were a commonly used residential device. It eliminates the need to enter a verification code and the risk of an IP being banned. If you want 100% success and don’t want to spend a minute building a scraper – try our powerful social media scraping API.

Finally, we recommend you to use 360 ​​Proxy. 350 Residential Proxy is an excellent residential proxy provider. Everyone is welcome to try and experience it.


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