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Residential IP Pool-Collect Data with 360 Proxy

# Data Collection



In order to obtain accurate and unrestricted capture data in web crawler collection, there are enough Residential IP cannot be avoided. If there is less Residential IP, it will be restricted and cannot be collected. Therefore, Residential IP is a relatively important information resource. Moreover, if there is less IP of web crawler, it is easy to be blocked in extreme cases for collecting accounts.

1. Does the web crawler for data acquisition have to use Residential IP?

Generally speaking, it is not necessary to use web crawler proxy IP, but now most website platforms have limited the restrictions on IP addresses. If a single IP has a high frequency of access, it will be restricted by the target website or directly blocked. If the platform account is used in crawler data collection, it will also be associated with the block number. Therefore, it is necessary to switch Residential IP to continue to crawl data, which shows that a Residential IP is very important for web crawler collection.

2. The quality of Residential IP will also have an impact on web crawler collection

Today's web crawlers can use Residential IP to achieve crawling. If you don't want to crawl too much IP, you just need to use a simple algorithm when obtaining Residential IP.

For the studio, a high speed, stable, clean, high anonymity of the residential IP pool, is the basic guarantee of blocking.

In addition, an excellent web crawler can obtain and access the contents of website files quickly by reasonably setting the number of Residential IP.

Remove all network restrictions with 360 Proxy Residential IP proxy

If you choose our Residential IP proxy, our advanced IP address rotation technology will assign a different Residential IP to each new connection you establish in order to unblock all IP blocks and restrictions in the first place.


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