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360proxy 教程 博客 What are the advantages of using a residential proxy?

What are the advantages of using a residential proxy?

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What are the advantages of using a residential proxy? Let’s dive into today’s blog post.

Efficiently capture data and competitive intelligence. In order to improve the competitiveness of their products, cross-border e-commerce sellers often need a large amount of market data and competitive intelligence for analysis. At this time, proxy IP is needed to help web crawlers obtain market information in an efficient and anonymous way, study and judge market trends, and provide guidance for marketing and product layout.

competitor analysis. Nowadays, more and more companies are establishing online businesses, which makes them accept the challenges from competitors in different regions around the world. Accessing your competitors’ public data is an ideal way to outdo your competitors. This information includes the marketing strategies they are using, selling prices, discounts, etc. Businesses can use this kind of intelligence to make appropriate adjustments.

Target advertising accurately. Enterprises can use proxy IP to obtain consumer opinions, consumer preferences and habits related to their own business on major websites, better understand consumer satisfaction with products, and implement targeted marketing strategies to achieve advertising goals. Maximize revenue. One of our clients has used agency IP to collect consumer opinions on various platforms, extract emotions from them, and create targeted advertisements and formulate marketing strategies. This precise advertising method brings extremely high conversion rates and sells them. The amount increased by 60%.

Brand protection. Building a brand is costly in time and money, and using proxy IPs to leverage web scraping tools can scan various platforms, search engines, and websites known to be selling counterfeit goods. Analyze and discover product authenticity to prevent counterfeit products from damaging brand image and interests.

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