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360proxy 教程 博客 SEO strategy of using 360 Proxy to operate e-commerce websites

SEO strategy of using 360 Proxy to operate e-commerce websites

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Whether you use web crawling bots or apis for keyword, competitor, and URL research, you can facilitate data collection when using SEO 360 Proxy. 360 Proxy will act as an intermediary between the client and your source. It protects your online identity and ensures your network security when you search for keywords or terms that will result in the most clicks.

360 Proxy can hide your IP to prevent IP from being blocked or banned. As a result, you can avoid general anti-fetching, IP location restrictions, and other threats.

Conduct keyword research

Keywords play an important role when finding yourself in a dizzying array of online options, especially as picking out high-value search terms that your target audience likes will increase your chances of being discovered.

Before you decide on a keyword, do some research on it. Make sure how often people search for it (keyword search volume), how competitive it is in the paid advertising space (cost per click or CPC), and what people are looking for when they apply that keyword.

High search volumes indicate increased popularity, which means you will get more active searches for that keyword.

A high CPC indicates intense competition. In this case, the long-tail alternative will be more friendly to your ranking.

Finally, user intent reflects what people expect to find when they type a certain keyword into the Google search bar. Searching for words that indicate purchase intent is even better.

In summary, high volume + low competition + high intent + high relevance = higher SERP ranking

Conduct competitor research

If you are confused about how to handle the optimization of an e-commerce site, then analyze your good competitors who put a lot of effort into optimizing their sites. You'll uncover a lot of secrets and clues.

First, note the keywords on your competitors' home pages as well as their top product pages.

You can also use tools like SEMRUSH to see where your competitors rank in both natural and paid search.

Improve website structure

The structure and organization of your site will ultimately help define your SERP rankings, as they determine whether the user experience of your site is the first result material.

An organized and well-structured online store is easy to navigate and entices customers to make the final purchase. Search engine algorithms can easily locate pages to rank them for specific keywords.

Keep your website structure simple to ensure that every page on your site is just a few clicks away from your home page. Your link permissions are also associated with it.

Optimize the home page

A. Home page title tag.

SEO title tags need to contain your company name as well as key keyword word groups that you are targeting, and be less than 70 characters long. Because it shows up in search results, it's best to make it attractive to search visitors.

B. Description of the home meta.

Approximately 160 characters of business description designed to stimulate users to visit your website.

C. Home Page content.

The content on your home page should help visitors learn more about your business and products in a concise manner. Consider showcasing your unique selling ideas and hot products on your home page.

Focus on product pages

The product page is the backbone of your business, so you need to put a lot of effort into optimizing it. If you want Google to find you, it's not enough to just write a few lines of text for each product and place an image or video.

A. Product name.

In most cases, the product name is also used in the SEO title and URL of the product page. So you might want to include a common search term or keyword in your product.

B. Image.

a. Add the main keyword to the file name.

b. Add more keywords to additional photos.

c. Add the product name and keyword to the ALT text of the image.

C. Video.

The video can be a basic introduction to your product, a tutorial on how to use it, or a customer recommendation.

In addition, creating content that adds value to your brand, such as new knowledge, inspiration, or fun, is an easy way to attract more potential customers. Try Posting them to mainstream networks like YouTube and you'll get great feedback.

D. Customer reviews.

Encouraging authentic customer reviews is a great way to increase customer confidence in your product, as they tend to hear from others before completing their purchase.

In addition, reviews, whether complimentary or negative, allow you to interact with your customers to retain or bring them back.

E. Frequently Asked Questions.

Having product-specific FAQ content is critical for optimization. Answering common questions about shipping and return policies can increase customer confidence and lead to more conversions.

Improve loading speed

To ensure the best user experience, search engines prefer to recommend sites that load faster.

You can improve page speed by compressing large numbers of images and files, enabling browser caching, cleaning up code, and hosting videos on third-party sites.

Create a backlink

Never underestimate the value of backlinks. The more backlinks you get from quality sites, the more authoritative your site will be.


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