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360proxy 教程 博客 The Importance of 360 Proxy to TikTok's Operation

The Importance of 360 Proxy to TikTok's Operation

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For many businesses, running TikTok is a huge way to make money. According to the latest statistics: By 2023, TikTok has more than 1 billion users worldwide. Among short video apps in many countries, TikTok is the absolute first place in terms of downloads and daily activity.

If you need to build a global network environment, then you will need a clean local house IP, which can meet the isolation requirements of TikTok house IP in multiple stores. But also to meet the IP high quality stability.

This post will briefly explore 360Proxy's importance to TikTok's operations.

The importance of residential IP for TikTok's operation:

Anti-association and isolation of IP addresses:

Each residential IP address of 360 Proxy is high-speed and anonymous, and the 90 million ip address pool is online in real time every day, ensuring low IP reuse rate.

Simulate the house information of different countries and regions: 360 Proxy's house IP can be located in different countries, regions, states and cities to provide a variety of TikTok house ip simulation of different regions.

Log in to TikTok Mall or TikTok APP using 360 Proxy IP:

Since TikTok cannot access and log in using Chinese IP, use 360 Proxy overseas dynamic house IP to cross border visit TikTok Mall store and log in to TikTok APP website.

Why 360 Proxy is recommended:

The IP of 360 Proxy supports both HTTP and Socks5 Proxy protocols, and can extract the residential IP of different countries and regions with one click. For example, if you run TikTok store on your mobile phone, you can quickly extract and configure 360 Proxy's residential IP directly into your mobile phone by scanning the QR code. You don't have to type them in.

If you are interested in 360 Proxy, check out 360 Proxy's website and package pricing page for more information.

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