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Residential IP refers to the real residential IP address assigned to individual users by ISP(Internet Service provider) or ADSL(ADSL service provider). It consists of 100% actual users of WIFI network. The residential IP is the real user IP device, which is exactly the same as the IP device used by the average network user.

Characteristics of residential IP: Residential IP has the characteristics of incoherence, scattered distribution and consistent distribution with ordinary Internet users. Compared with IP of computer room, it has a high success rate and a low probability of closure. However, it has certain advantages in crawler, supplementary business, website optimization ranking and other businesses requiring short time dynamic IP, so as to maintain the stability of residential IP.
Exclusive IP addresses ensure that only the same IP addresses are used by the same users, ensuring service success and stability. When the same IP address is allocated to multiple users, it has good stability and connectivity. It is more efficient than shared IP addresses, but the cost is slightly higher than shared IP addresses.
Why is residential IP generally better for creepers? Because the spider itself simulates user access, it is best to use the exact same IP and network environment as the user. Indoor IP has certain characteristics. Dial-up IP addresses are connected to numbers, and the whole number segment is easily disabled, resulting in low availability. The IP addresses of the residential are scattered and not connected. The same applies to regular user IP addresses, so the target site cannot disable them. Therefore, the IP of the computer room is more suitable for such business as maintenance number, and the business that needs a large number of dynamic short-effect IP, such as crawler, patch, etc., is very suitable for the use of residential IP proxy. HTTP consolifies residential broadband in multiple locations, consolifies proxy services, provides resources, and focuses more on data security.
360Proxy provides the majority of users with live proxy. All IP is pure and 100% real, and the IP connection efficiency can reach 99%, which is beyond the reach of many proxy service providers. 360Proxy supports the socks5/HTTP protocol. All the proxy balance purchased has no expiration date and is valid for life. IP extraction unsuccessful no deduction fee, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic. At only $0.04 per IP, it is the best choice for users who need a proxy.


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