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360proxy 教程 博客 What are residential IP, data center IP, what are their differences and applications?

What are residential IP, data center IP, what are their differences and applications?

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1. What is IP
IP address can be simply understood as an address in the Internet, just like everyone's living address. It is allocated by upstream operators. An IP address contains information such as location and carrier used.

2. what is residential IP, home broadband IP? Is there a difference?
First, residential IP and home broadband IP are the same, just called differently in different places. The following are collectively referred to as residential IP. A residential IP is an IP address provided by an Internet network operator (ISP). So that's what we use as individuals.
A residential IP is an IP that has a specific geographic location of an address. But this residential IP address is not fixed, because Internet providers typically assign it dynamically. Typically, when a router restarts, the ISP reassigns a residential IP address.
The residential IP address is not necessarily the IP address of the user's location. This is because there are a finite number of IP addresses in the world. If you live in an area where there are many devices connected to the Internet, you may be assigned an IP address that is not in your area.
To sum up, the residential IP address of a family is not fixed, but rotates with time and region, so the family IP is also called dynamic residential IP.

3. What is the data center IP, room IP? What's the difference?
Data center IP is also called room IP, so the two are the same, but also called different. Hereinafter referred to as the IP address of the equipment room. The IP address of the machine room is the center of the machine room composed of a large number of servers. The ip address of the machine room is generally from the IDC machine room, the ip address of the enterprise dedicated line and the cloud server.
Data center ip addresses are fixed and online. However, the number segment of the equipment room is usually connected with the number and cannot be flexibly changed. In the specific business, it is easy to be controlled by risks.

4. What is Static residential IP? Is static residential IP better than dynamic house IP?
Static residential IP is the IP address is fixed, not dynamic. You need to apply for it from the local carrier. It is usually used by enterprise users and expensive.
The security reliability of dynamic residential IP is higher than that of static residential IP. Because dynamic residential IP is home broadband IP. In actual use, more secure.

5. How to obtain appropriate IP to help business?
Mainstream proxy "360proxy"
a.Support both mainstream sock5 and http protocols
High anonymity and security
b.Perfectly match all kinds of third-party tools, such as browser, fingerprint browser, small rocket Shadowrocket, v2rayNG, etc., suitable for SEO detection, web crawler, social media marketing Posting and other businesses
c.Diversified IP addresses: dynamic residential IP addresses and static residential IP addresses

6. How to choose a suitable agent according to your business needs?
a. Whatever fits
From the actual point of view, according to their own needs, choose the right agent.
b. Peer communication
Communicate more with peers who do the same business, learn from experience, and use the least IP investment to achieve the best results.
c. Test more
Don't be afraid to fail. Test more. Choose the most economical way to achieve your goal. After all, once you find it, you can replicate it and help your business get started.


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