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360proxy 教程 博客 How do I select a Proxy for E-mail protection?

How do I select a Proxy for E-mail protection?

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360Proxy acts as an email protection proxy and provides good anonymity to its users. The residential proxy is assigned by the Internet Service provider and attached to the real IP address linked to the device. As a result, they are treated as genuine users and are rarely stopped.

When choosing a provider, it is worth considering the company's reputation, reviews from real customers and the level of customer support they provide, as well as technical specifications such as IP address pool, location, speed and success rate.

Protecting email is critical for both individuals and businesses. Email proxies provide an additional layer of security to keep your data and infrastructure secure.

proxies can help your business in many other ways besides email protection. For example, you can use a residential proxy to bypass geographic restrictions and set up efficient web crawling.


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