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360proxy 教程 博客 What requirements do SEO proxy IP providers need to meet?

What requirements do SEO proxy IP providers need to meet?

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1. What protocol should SEO proxy IP choose?
Proxy servers can be classified into HTTP proxy, HTTPS proxy, and SOCKS5 proxy by protocol type. HTTP proxy is the most popular proxy protocol and is accepted by all websites that accept proxy servers. The SOCKS5 proxy is more powerful than the HTTP proxy, but most tasks done on the Internet can be performed using HTTP. So few websites and applications are compatible with SOCKS5.
360proxy supports both HTTP and SOCKS5 protocols, but HTTP should be used in website SEO.
2. What IP type should SEO proxy IP choose?
In view of the features of SEO optimization, users need to choose dynamic IP addresses that are suitable for business applications. Dynamic IP addresses can be switched quickly in a short period of time, and the IP repetition rate is low, which can reduce the risk of IP addresses being blocked by websites.
When choosing a dedicated or rotating proxy for SEO business, users should first consider the type of work to perform. If the user only needs a proxy IP address to mask the personal IP address for some research, then a dedicated proxy IP address may be fine. However, if users are using a search engine proxy for SEO scraping, they should consider using a rotating proxy.
360proxy supports static IP and dynamic IP selection, which can meet the requirements of proxy IP in various SEO work. Choose according to the actual needs.
3. The IP address quality must be high
SEO optimization requires a lot of IP resources, and the quality of each IP has high requirements, good quality IP will have a lower probability of failure, IP availability is high, the use of high-quality IP can ensure the success rate of business to a certain extent.
360proxy collects IP from real family homes in more than 190 countries around the world, with high IP purity and quality.
4. How to choose a high security SEO proxy?
At present, there are many types of proxy IP on the market, the security factor of different types of proxys are not the same, such as free proxy IP security factor is low, low reliability, in the use of the user's network information is always facing the risk of leakage, user equipment may be infected with computer viruses. Free proxies are rarely a factor for users who want to do their SEO work effectively.
Users need IP proxy IP such as 360proxy with high security. The dynamic residential IP is a real residential IP, which is very suitable.
5.IP pool capacity and coverage area are also top priorities in SEO
In SEO work, keyword search ranking this section occupies a very important position, keyword file list alone can have hundreds of thousands of keywords, in the website optimization must prepare a certain number of IP resources to support keyword search, search keyword IP number more, the more easy to be included, more likely to attract quality customers; Checking the keyword search index also takes a lot of IP to get the job done; Also in the search of peer enterprise data information also need to use a lot of IP to complete the work, you can imagine, the size of the proxy IP pool capacity is how important to SEO work.
IP proxy coverage of the area is extensive, if you want to know a keyword in different regions of the ranking, or need to provide a keyword in a country ranking, you can use different regions of the proxy IP, so that you can intuitively and clearly see the keywords in different regions of the ranking.
360proxy has 8000w IP in the world, covering more than 190 countries and regions, and is constantly updated, able to meet the large number of IP proxy needs.


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