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What is an IP proxy for? 360Proxy

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The function of a proxy server is to obtain network information on behalf of network users. In other words, it is an online information broker, an intermediary between a personal network and an Internet service provider, responsible for forwarding legitimate online information and controlling and recording the forwarding. As a bridge between Internet and Intranet, proxy server plays a vital role in practical application, and its most basic function is connection.

Proxy IP is available wherever you install it; It is a computer with a unique IP address that can be accessed over the Internet. The proxy IP receives the request, collects the response from the destination, and forwards the data to the requester.

Using proxy IP improves user security and anonymity. In the era of big data, anyone's information may be leaked, and IP is also associated with other data information. Therefore, proxy IP addresses can hide personal IP information and become anonymous users to improve security. In addition, using proxy IP can also avoid receiving advertising messages and spam harassment.

Web crawler is the main way to capture information. In the process of crawling, it is usually necessary to conduct high-frequency access to the same web page, which is easy to be marked as illegal users and blocked by the web page. Therefore, crawler needs to use proxy IP to simulate different users to prevent web pages from being shielded and ensure the smooth progress of crawler.

Using 360 Proxy IP proxy can improve user anonymity, improve network connection speed, and provide reliable network security. Therefore, we recommend that users use the 360 Proxy IP proxy.


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