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How to use dynamic proxy IP to do SEO?

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The impact of dynamic proxy IP on SEO website operation:

Before we try to use dynamic proxy IP, let's talk about what routine SEO optimization way to optimize the website, which should do 2 points. The first point is to do basic optimization. Second, in-depth understanding of search engines;

1. Do a good job of basic optimization: that is, station optimization and station optimization. In-site optimization is to perfect the basis of website optimization, such as doing a good job of 301 steering, 404 page, nofollow, breadcrumb navigation, robots protocol, sitemap map, H1 tags, etc. In fact, the basic optimization of the in-site is very easy to do, and many of them are done once, and rarely to change later. These are some basic in-station optimization operations.

We should control the exchange of friendship links outside the site optimization, of course, this can also be said to be the site optimization, reasonable friendship links will make our website ranking weight rise. Outside the chain should pay attention to 2 points the first point, in line with the site theme, the second point of high quality.

2. Get to know search engines:Search engine is the habitat of the site, in order to foothold in the habitat, do their own is not enough, more to understand the "rules on the road" here is about to say is the search engine algorithm, search engine algorithm, so that website optimization will be handy.

So how do we delve into search engine algorithms?

The core of the search engine algorithm is that we have to memorize the rules of each algorithm, and then constantly to touch the bottom line, only in this way we can have a more in-depth understanding of the search engine.

This article here does not want to mention too much about SEO optimization, I believe that the above for the vast majority of SEO, has been enough. What I want to talk about now is the dynamic proxy IP mentioned above, so what is dynamic proxy IP? What impact will dynamic proxy IP have on SEO?

Dynamic proxy IP means that the computer that accesses the Internet through Modem, ISDN, or xDSL does not have a fixed IP address. Instead, the ISP dynamically assigns a temporary IP address to the network device. The average person doesn't need to know about dynamic IP addresses. These are done automatically by computer systems.

The impact of dynamic proxy IP on seo website operation:

For SEO, what kind of problems will dynamic proxy IP solve for SEO?

1. Some friends do promotion, it is very common to ask yourself and answer, which also needs to change the IP of different regions. Using different dynamic proxy IP addresses can easily solve the promotion problem.

2. For example, the ranking of search results in different regions is also different. Want to know the ranking of a certain keyword in the corresponding region? IP resources of the corresponding region are also required. There are also many usage scenarios, such as voting, registration, and so on, that require a large number of different IP resources.

Proxy IP usage:

Proxy IP is to change the web proxy server, mainly the HTTP protocol required by the port replacement. Marketers use this software to avoid IP blocking in order to increase registrations or clicks. It's easy for a lot of marketers to use proxy IP and it's easy to just open a browser - Tools - Internet Options - Connections - Settings (S) if you're a LAN select LAN Settings (L) at the bottom - Use a proxy server for this connection (check) and fill in the IP address and port that the provider gives you. Note that the port number must be correct.

There is also a point in the use process to ensure that the IP does not repeat, repeat is easy to be checked, and even serious to block, to avoid the blocking of this situation needs to familiarize yourself with the rules, how to avoid.

When using proxy IP, we should pay more attention to the above problems, in order to help us efficiently complete the work.


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