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360proxy 教程 博客 Residential IP proxy type analysis, learn more about 360proxy

Residential IP proxy type analysis, learn more about 360proxy

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The proxies market is growing at a high rate every day because proxies services are used for a variety of reasons, and it also makes sense in the business world -- to grow a business and always have the necessary understanding of where the market is going. Because of this, we can find both free and paid proxies services that provide you with high-quality proxys from all over the world that you can use for web scraping, social media marketing, retail business research, and more. But an important problem is that often people only know the simple basics of proxys and what they are, and don't really understand them in depth.
Socks proxy
According to the SOCKS protocol, the socks proxy server is a newer proxy protocol that allows more types of data to be relayed. SOCKS differs from ordinary proxies in that it really stands for SOCKets, because it is usually considered an application by a website or ISP. When you compare a SOCKS proxy to an HTTP proxy, the HTTP proxy handles the requests you send to access content on the Internet, while when you use a SOCKS proxy server, the connection is established through the message exchange that establishes the proxy connection. To use a SOCKS proxy, your PC must have the ability to handle the SOCKS protocol, and you need to run and maintain a SOCKS server. SOCKS technology was originally developed for access to the Internet, and its main feature is the ability to bypass default routing on a LAN (local area network) or internal network, in addition to providing authentication for protocols that you cannot access.
HTTP proxy server
HTTP proxies can provide you with a cache of Web pages and files so that you can access them faster. Most browsers use HTTP proxies to cache websites that you visit frequently so that you can quickly access them without having to completely reload the page. In some cases, the downside of HTTP is that caching can increase, slowing down your links to websites or web services. To solve this problem, you must send instructions to clear the cache to speed up your browsing activity. In addition, HTTP proxies can filter content from a web page and reformat the page to suit the device you use to access the page.
The above are the two common proxy types of
360proxy. You can make a proper choice based on the above explanation and your actual business requirements.

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