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Up to 10% commission

  • Become a promotion partner of 360proxy
  • The best commission ratio, enjoy high rebates
  • Partners all over the world, with unlimited business opportunities

Become a partner

Invite friends and you will get

Invite friends to make money immediately, up to 5% commission.

With exclusive discount codes, promotional posters and cooperation pages.

Invitation data visualization, check income from time to time.

Fast settlement, checkout within 30 days.

Three steps to easily obtain rebate

Register an account

Register and log in to 360Proxy to enter the personal center.

Share the link

Copy your invite link to share with your friends. Get invitation information.

Get commission

When friends use your sharing link to recharge and purchase, you can get up to 5% referral commission.

There is no upper limit on the amount that

can be withdrawn, and you will get a commission

every time you recharge through your shared link.

Become a partner

Invite friends to make money immediately Activity Rules

  • Invite users to recharge and get rebates.
  • The friends you invite will get 5% cash back for every recharge.
  • The account balance can be used to purchase traffic to your personal account, exchange for cdkey transfer, sell or withdraw to your private account.
  • If your customer generates a refund, the corresponding commission will be canceled immediately.

360Proxy super high commission ratio mechanism

The higher the recharge amount of invited friends, the higher your commission rate.The commission can be fully transferred to your personal account, and you can choose to trade, exchange or withdraw.

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