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Ad Verification

Using 360Proxy can verify the conditions under which advertising is most effective. It can also be used to prevent ad fraudsters and malware, ensuring that your advertising is safe and effective, reducing losses, and protecting your property.

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How does 360Proxy verify the effectiveness of your advertising?

Detect fraudulent ads

One insidious way that networks deceive advertisers is by mixing high-quality traffic with cheap junk traffic from adware and click farms. Without proxy-based scanning, it would be impossible to detect this stealthy fraud, and the 360Proxy service solves this problem by providing tens of millions of IP addresses from real homes and mobile devices around the world.

Unlock restricted ad campaigns

Global digital ad targeting poses a new challenge in that you cannot view a geo-targeted ad if you are not physically located in that location. Advertising verification based on 360Proxy allows you to access ads from any geographical location to test and check whether your ads are functioning normally in other regions and countries to ensure that your interests are not harmed.

Improve marketing campaigns and ROI

Advanced proxy solutions allow advertisers to take control from potentially fraudulent ad networks and publishers. You can verify your ads are being seen by real people to justify your spend, and by scanning ads locally rather than relying on opaque third-party reporting, you can identify bad actors early and optimize campaigns faster.

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