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Data Collection

Have you encountered any situation when obtaining data due to geographical restrictions and limited access? Wasting a lot of valuable time due to the need to crawl large amounts of data? 360Proxy can help you solve restricted problems and obtain the data information you want safely and quickly.

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How does 360Proxy achieve safe and efficient data collection?

Large-scale web scraping tasks

Normally, the website will limit the amount of data you can collect here every day through your IP address. 360Proxy has a large number of high-purity IPs from different countries, which are used to deal with countermeasures of various websites to ensure the normal progress of data collection.

Capture information accurately

By identifying and crawling keyword information on target websites such as social media platforms and search engines, you can obtain the information you need more accurately and comprehensively. This can help you quickly collect relevant data and filter out valuable information from large amounts of data.

Comprehensive privacy protection

By hiding the real IP address, 360Proxy ensures that the collector cannot be easily tracked by the target website or application when conducting large-scale data collection. This is especially important for organizations that handle sensitive data or are subject to privacy regulations.

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