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How to use Socks5 proxies?

Step1:Install software (Click here to download).

Step2:Open the software and click the "Settings" button; In Basic Settings, set the start port and end port parameters. The value ranges from 0 to 500.


Step3:Click on the "Residential Proxies" button to filter the desired country, state, and city, support postal code, ISP search, or optional IP segments, and click "Search" to obtain a list of available IPs.


Step4:Select a proxy in the IP list, right-click, select the "forward port to proxy" to be proxy, select the proxy port location to be forwarded in the drop-down list, and complete the IP extraction.


Step5:Click on the "Port Forward List" button to obtain detailed port information. Click 'Copy' to directly copy the local IP address and port.

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