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API use example

Open the software and click to enter the API tab.

Step 1:Search the target country, state, city, ISP, etc., obtain the corresponding URL, and click Copy.


Step 2:You can also copy the link directly and manually modify the parameters.

Example of how to use the parameter

● Use random proxy from USA, State: New York


● Use random proxy from USA, State: New York, City: New York


Use a random proxy zip code 20006


●Use the proxy of the specified lSP operator, such as Cybersmart


●Note. lf there is a space in the operator name, you need to enter % instead,for example,the search operator is lngululu Communications


●Extract 3 lPs at one time, for example, if you need to extract 3 lPs, set num=3


Note If there is a space in the operator name,you need to enter % instead, for example, the search operator is ngululu Communications


Step 3:Copy the API URL, put the link into the software/script you want to use, and assign the proxy automatically.

* In API mode, after the proxy list is successfully obtained, the corresponding amount will be deducted.

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