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How to log in with BitBrowser and set proxy?

To access the e-commerce platform through BitBrowser or log in to some social media accounts, you need to use BitBrowser + proxy IP.

Official website: 

Step 1. Log in to the BitFingerprint browser website to download the BitClient. (Support Win+Mac).


Step 2. Register and log in: Set up the account and password to log in - create a new window.

Step 3. Set proxy information: buy a proxy in 360Proxy and fill it in the bit browser (as shown in the figure)

Step 4. After setting the fingerprint information, one-click to generate fingerprints, detect agents, and log in.

Ps:Bitbrowser is permanently free for 10 environments, if it is not enough to use, you can open a package to use it! The price is always cheaper than peers.

View more tutorials on the official website: 

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